Cremation Urns in Meeker County, MN

Cremation is an increasingly popular burial method that presents family members and loved ones of the decedent with a unique selection of memorial options. If you or your loved one are planning for cremation, it’s important to have a complete understanding of the different types of memorial stones that best suite cremated remains.

Regardless of the way you and your family choose to celebrate life, Darwin Monument has different types of memorials that are sure to suit your needs. Our comprehensive approach to burial monuments helps us ensure client satisfaction. We’re proud to sell a wide range of cremated memorials that meet a variety of preferences, including:

  • Niche pedestals:
    These slanted granite pedestals are suited to hold either one or two urns and are an ideal solution if you plan to keep the decedent’s ashes at home, or if the ashes are to be scattered.
  • Urns:
    Cremated remains need to be placed in a safe, secure urn. If you plan to keep your loved one at home, you can invest in a beautiful and elegant custom urn. We also offer durable outdoor urns in Meeker County, MN, capable of withstanding the tests of time.
  • Engraved rocks:
    If you’re looking for a subtle, elegant way to be remembered, consider investing in an engraved rock or boulder memorial. These may or may not have an urn niche, depending on your needs.
  • Bench-style monuments:
    Benches are an ideal place for quiet, contemplative reflection. That’s why bench-style cremation monuments are an ideal choice of cemetery monuments in Meeker County, MN for many clients.

Regardless of your plans for burial and memorial, Darwin Monument is here to help you select and identify a headstone or cremation monument that will advance your legacy and help your loved ones honor and remember you.

Invest in Custom Cremation Monuments

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