Rock Engraving in Meeker County, MN

Engraved rocks are a beautiful landscaping or decorative tool you can use to show the world who you are and what matters most to you. Engraved rocks are an excellent gift for friends, family members and loved ones; particularly for events like weddings and house-warming parties.

Darwin Monument offers custom engraving in Meeker County, MN for landscaping rocks and more. We’re capable of engraving virtually any stone brought to us, whether it’s from your existing landscaping or is a historic stone from a local quarry. We offer custom engraving in Meeker County, MN, for a range of different types of rocks and stones, including:

  • In-house rocks:
    Darwin Monument sells in-house rocks specially selected for engraving. We have stones available in a number of different sizes and shapes. When you use one of our rocks, the price includes the stone and the engraving process.
  • Supplied rocks:
    If you have a rock from your own existing landscaping décor or a rock you’ve recently purchased, you can bring it into us for engraving. Our highly skilled technicians are capable of engraving virtually any stone.
  • Larger rocks and boulders:
    Rocks larger than 24 inches are considered boulders; engraved boulders are usually supplied by the client. If you have a boulder for engraving, be sure to call for a cost estimate and schedule a date for delivery.

We offer delivery for finished boulders, for a fee. Generally, it takes us two weeks to complete an order for engraved rocks. Pricing for engraved rocks is always based on the stone’s size, the complexity of the engraving project and the labor required to complete the job. Most rock engraving projects cost $300 and up.

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If you’re hoping to spruce up your own home’s interior décor, or are looking for a special gift to give to your friends, family members or loved ones, consider purchasing a custom engraved stone from Darwin Monument today. Call us at 320-693-5902 to learn more.

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